Gateway to Japan! Coordinator is former Advisor to Ambassader of the Embassy of Republic of Lithuania.

Shall we make a GATEWAY to Japan with us?

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Dear Sir and Madam,

Business Consulting Services for the foreign enterprise in Japan.

If you want to develop your business in Japan, what are you going? The Japanese business field is a huge and a very attractive. But it is composed by the very complicated huge system and special network as if the real web connection.

Our N&N Co., Ltd. NOMA Office can provide you to solve your question and leading way for your success story.

Our office has a very unique experience in this consulting field. The president of our NOMA Office, Mr. Nobutoshi Noma has a lot of experience in the importing field of foreign countries into the Japanese market. And he is the former Advisor to Ambassador of the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Japan since 2003 to 2007.

Therefore, our NOMA Office can use his special network for your business solution.

On the other hand, our NOMA Office was the formal Agent of the MSSP (Member State Service Provider) of the “EU Gateway to Japan” which was organized by the EU Committee from 2005 to 2007. During the “EU Gateway to Japan”, the activities of our office were received very high appraisal not only for all of the Lithuanian participants but also from organizer and other participants. The results of the coordination of our office were very attractive.

If you would like to make a new business in Japan, please let us know your products or business plan, we would appreciate it.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Nobutoshi Noma

NOMA Office, N&N Co., Ltd. in Tokyo Japan

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If you want to export your products, please let us know it, we would appreciate it. We are looking for the new products which has never been exported to Japanese markets. If you let us know your product, we will notify the Japanese business world of it, free of charge. Thank you in advance.

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