Gateway to Japan! Coordinator is former Advisor to Ambassader of the Embassy of Republic of Lithuania.

Exhibition Service

‘Exhibition Service’ is for making the best match against the potential visitors to create the best possible business chance for your enterprise.

The idea is that we will be working as staff in your booth representing you during the entire exhibition. We will provide you with assistance attending on visitors and, at any time, advising you how to establish and maintain good relationship with Japanese visitors. After the exhibition we will hold the discussion with you to review Japanese companies that you met at the exhibition and sort out those that could be especially useful for your business prospects. (This discussion will precede the ‘Follow-up Service’.)

If you want to attract many Japanese visitors, you should create a good atmosphere for the visitors to get the best out of your exposition. For a Japanese visitor good atmosphere means Japanese visitor-friendly environment. If there are only foreigners in your booth, most Japanese visitors will probably refrain from visiting it. We witnessed such cases, many times during several exhibitions. We believe that it is important to set your mind to welcome Japanese visitors the way that would make them comfortable.

The fee for ‘Exhibition Service’ is 100,000 yen + VAT, 8% per one day.

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We need the information about your products!

If you want to export your products, please let us know it, we would appreciate it. We are looking for the new products which has never been exported to Japanese markets. If you let us know your product, we will notify the Japanese business world of it, free of charge. Thank you in advance.

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