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Follow-up Service

‘Follow-up Service’ follows your business meeting with the potential partner in Japan and commences after your departure from Japan.

The aim of this service is to launch an actual business between you and your partner. Through this service a useful pipeline will be established between your company and a Japanese company.

We recommend you to take this service if you had business meetings in Japan and if you would like to establish solid relations with the Japanese company that you met with. We would be pleased and ready to maintain this service for each company that you indicate. You should provide us with a company name list.

Manager at the Japanese manufacturing company once noted that first meeting, taking place at exhibitions or business meetings, is only to establish initial contact between potential partners and create the basis for future business. Follow-up is the most important thing in order to expand one’s business.

After your departure from Japan, we will continue acting in Japan on your behalf.

We will visit the people whom you met during meetings in Japan and hold several follow-up meetings. We believe that by doing so, we will establish a useful channel between you and Japanese companies in order for you to make the most of your business chance. The most important benefit is that we prepare the environment where you can succeed. For that purpose, we make the company assign the person in charge for the product of your company. We would like to stress that this service is not sales service. However, by using this ‘Follow-up Service’ you can establish good business connections with your potential partner companies and boost your business prospects.

The fee for ‘Follow-up Service’ is 50,000 yen + VAT, 8% per one Japanese company.

–In case with large companies we will count a department as one company.
–In case when a company is located outside the Tokyo metropolitan area, our service will be limited to phone calls or e-mail correspondence. However, on-site visit is also possible, but you will be asked to pay travel expenses.

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