Gateway to Japan! Coordinator is former Advisor to Ambassader of the Embassy of Republic of Lithuania.

Recommendation Letter

June 10, 2005

Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Mr. Nobutoshi Noma

To Whom It May Concern:

Mr. Nobutoshi Noma has served as my adviser since 2002. His main responsibilities included developing strategies to further promote friendly relationship between Japan and Lithuania, consulting me on complex Japanese society and protocol-related issues, establishing connections with Japanese Parliamentary groups and Members of the Government, preparing official speeches in Japanese. During the course of his employment Mr. Nobutoshi Noma proved himself to be a very reliable and diligent employee, whose value to the activities of the Embassy is hard to overestimate.

Mr. Noma’s services are especially helpful when things come to conducting negotiations with Japanese counterparts. His comprehensive knowledge of the nature of Japanese people and underlying values of Japan’s society helps me and other Embassy staff to make right decisions. Furthermore, I am quite impressed by his negotiating skills and forethought. His level headed and serious approach to his duties has won him a great deal of trust from his co-workers at the Embassy and the people he deals with. Advices and recommendations that I receive from Mr. Nobutoshi Noma has been always timely, thorough and always to the point. The network of his personal connections, with His Imperial Highness Crown Prince, Naruhito, of Japan is among his acquaintances, facilitates establishing contacts that come out to be very important for strengthening ties between Japan and Lithuania.

I am convinced that “Noma Office” undertakings will benefit the ongoing process of dialogue between Japan and other countries. Mr. Noma’s personal qualities and experience are vital to establishing and maintaining essential relationships in Japanese society. Therefore, I strongly recommend Mr. Nobutoshi Noma for the work of other diplomatic missions in Tokyo.


Ambassador Dr. Algirdas Kudzys

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